He loves me unconditionally.

I'm glad you've done this for us.

We have no choice but to trust Pierre.

He has never been scolded by his father.

She was left behind.

You are her daughters.

I sent you the money through PayPal.

Choose between the two.

War broke out when the treaty was ignored.

Haven't you seen the doctor?

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What time did you go to bed yesterday?

In his heart of hearts Fritz knew he'd done the wrong thing.

I don't have money.


If I had to define life in a word, it would be: Life is creation.

I can't talk you into coming with us, can I?

My wife is a doctor.


What are those people doing?

Were you born in the twentieth century?

I look up to my family.

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"I'm not a monster!", said Christina.


Where did you put my passport?

Suzan says he has no idea what he should do.

Joanne got into his car and slammed the door.


I've got something I'd like to say to you.

I think he should have apologized to the teacher.

The ill-fated tunnel collapsed just months after it was opened.

Let's make it better.

I can't play the guitar, much less the violin.


I ran into my friend at the theater last night.


I steered clear of sensitive topics.

I can't find my glasses anywhere.

Do not place the console close to magnetic fields produced by magnets or loudspeakers.

Gypsy has a prosthetic leg.

There's no need to say anything else.

How can I prove it?

That's probably not what Vance did.


The door opened and a man walked in.

I'm sorry, I have to respond to the messages.

We all know what's going to happen next.

It cost me more than fifteen shillings.

There are some shops near my house.

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I saw you and Presley kissing.


What happened at that crossing?

I won't let that bother me.

I had seen my husband for the first time, on that day.

"What about me do you like?" "Everything."

Morgan invites me to all his parties.


Gigi was trying to kill Sarah.

I didn't tell Anna that.

If by any chance he comes here, I'll let you know at once.

She got burnt in the right hand.

This is not comedy.

Could you teach me the pattners of the verb?

Piete will be in Boston by this time tomorrow.

Janice was flabbergasted.

The company asked for two copies of my C.V.

Anthony can swim faster than anyone else in his swimming class.

Arne didn't tell Eliot.


Mat waited for Vassos to come home.

I want to go back to the lab.

Where would you like to pitch the tent?

Rob is tall and muscular.

We plan to leave as soon as possible.


Eddy is making the bed.

A professor is teaching Czech.

Someone broke my camera.

Have you ever used one of these?

"Alright, I think you'll agree to this one." "I am NOT dressing as a banana." "The Equestrian ponies want you to dress as a banana. It is your civic duty. ...Look, I have been making compromises. My new provision only makes you dress as a banana during state functions." "It does not belong in a budget plan, Luna." "Well, how else am I supposed to get you to dress as a banana? You have refused to be open to negotiations!" "You know we have two weeks to agree on a proper budget." Two weeks later, after no agreement could be reached, the violence began.


I'm working with them now.

I'm a stuntman.

She is a child-care worker in a kindergarten.

What a big ship that is!

This directly concerns Tracey.

I want neither meat nor fish.

It's a grim world.


I am shearing the ewe.

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The house stands on the hill.

It was very careless of you!

He likes singing.


She tried again to fix the earring into her ear.

That is a good place to live.

Knudsen is almost fully dressed.


He seems like a great guy.

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Though grammatically there is nothing wrong with this sentence, I doubt if anyone would actually ever use it.

Let's have some fun.

Our confidence in him is gone.

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In the autumn, after Cambridge, the executive body of the "Delegation for selecting an international language" met in Paris.

Can you remember the first time we met each other?

Arlene persuaded the store manager to give him back his money.

The longest night will have an end.

I can explain everything.

The impairment cannot bring them to lose their willingness to live.

I like clocks.

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Sangho isn't in the apartment, but Peter is.

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There were hundreds of birds on the lake.

Mommy, I want you to buy me a pomegranate!

She was able to cross the Pacific Ocean by boat.

Be at the station at 11 o'clock sharp.

You know him, don't you?


How did you know where Betsy was?

The result of this experiment leads to our presumption that element T determines the entire structure.

She isn't what you think.

She came back just as I was leaving.

I lost a lot of blood.

He has fallen into the habit of putting his hands into his pockets.

I think we should hire her.

She added some personal touches to the wedding cake.

I'm alone.

What a lousy camera!

I was choked by smoke.

We work on every day of the week except Sunday.

The accident resulted from his carelessness.

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The child is being taken good care of by the doctor.


May I have a signature?

We were very surprised to see Marilyn doing that.

Fire will keep burning even after the twig or the stick that started the fire has burned out.

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I really am busy.

Will you please put the baby to bed?

The boy considered the dolphin his best friend.

Barrett and Leora got married last year in the spring.

The practice still prevails locally in parts of Japan.

Beckie always has headphones glued to his ears.

What do you eat, anyway?

I just said a very stupid thing.

Dan insisted he was innocent.

How did you pull off that agreement?

Don't get too cocky.

I thought he was your date.

Please help yourself to the cookies.

The day turned out to be fine.

Florian raised his gun and pointed it at Bernard.

It wouldn't hurt to tell them.

I don't keep secrets from them.

If you mate a horse with an ass you will get a mule.

The only thing is, unicorns don't exist.

David is quite considerate.

It's getting hard for them to make both ends meet.

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I don't have an accent!

We're both on the same side.

People are a bit friendlier in Boston.


Christophe said that it might be true.


You were not interrogated today, were you?

Let's hear what you've got to say for yourself.

I was up all night working on that.


Phil blew his nose loudly during the oboe solo.

Dan found a bruise on his son's thigh.

How many times do I have to apologize?

Are you sure it's OK to drink this water?

Maria never seems to be on time.

She will without a doubt visit England this summer.

She runs.

What's that in your mouth?

Matt tried to convince everyone that he was innocent.

Stupidity is riding a bike that doesn't have brakes.

Could you tell us more?

Soohong was my boyfriend.

His eyes were heavy with sleep.

You're going to fall in love with Brazil.

I wish I had the courage to speak about my feelings.

Come and get me.

There was nobody in the room.

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My mother is busy in the kitchen.

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Sally could've taken the money.


That table cloth urgently needs washing.

I said a complex tanru.

What does this mean for you?